She Cured Cancer With Raw Food, Then Ran 366 Marathons In A Row!


Another incredible story of someone who cured cancer with raw food. In 2001, Janette Murray-Wakelin got diagnosed with a highly aggressive form of breast cancer. She refused the conventional chemotherapy and treatments and cured her cancer with a raw food diet, or more precise raw and vegan.

2 years later Janette and her husband, who where both in their 60’s at the time, conquered Australia by feet and ran a single marathon for 366 consecutive days!!! A grand total of 15,500 km.

During the process, they set a new world record while being energize purely by raw fruits and veggies.

Janette belongs to a range of people who turned their life completely around and cured cancer with raw food. Look at her incredible superhuman energy. She is a perfect example for the great benefits and results of a raw plant-based diet.

Check out the interview of Jannette Murray-Wakelin by Chris Wark from!

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