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At 70 years young, Mimi Kirk Won PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian Over 50 contest

By Lusea Lu / July 7, 2015

Mimi Kirk, a mother of four children and 7 grand children was named the “Sexiest Vegetarian Over 50”.

In 2009, a small ad on Facebook led Mimi to enter PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian Over 50 contest.

“Since I was the oldest person who entered by nearly a decade and almost 20 years older than the youngest contestant, I was very surprised that I won. I never could have imagined that in my 70s, I would find myself in the public eye by winning the title of Sexiest Vegetarian Over 50.” say Mimi.

When asked about her secrete to longevity in her interview article on PETA, Mimi answered:

Because of my vegan diet, I don’t have aches or pains, and I’m energetic all day and well into the night. Really, I don’t mind getting older! I’m aiming for optimum health in the years ahead. I don’t let my age stop me from learning new things. When I hear people say, “It’s too late” or “Oh, that just happens when you get older,” I smile to myself knowing that enjoying life in our later years pain-free, happy, and full of vigor is the way we were meant to live.

Do you find it difficult to go raw? Here’s a short video on why Mimi thinks a Raw Vegan diet is the way to go and how you can get started now. It’s never too late to change your diet, as Mimi didn’t become a Raw until she was 69 years old.

If you enjoy a Raw Vegan lifestyle, share your experience below in the comment section. Tell us how you started and inspire more people with your story. If you want to go Raw & Vegan, here are the 3 premium items you will love in your kitchen:

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