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Still unsure about your protein intake? Meet the world strongest vegan.

By Lusea Lu / July 20, 2015

Time to end the discussion: No aninmal protein intake needed for super human power.

This athlete clearly disproves all myths around protein intake. Patrik Baboumian is the world strongest vegan.  He holds multiple world records and won the title “Germany’s strongest man” in 2011. At a pyhsical height of 1,70m and a bodyweight of 116 kg he performs killer exercises with unbelievable power:

Benchpress 215kg

Squat 310kg

Deadlift 360 kg

That’s already mind-blowing. But lets come to his world records. The most incredible of them: the “yoke-walk”. In 2013 Patrik walked over 10 metres while carrying  555,2kg (1224 lbs.). To put it in simple terms: That’s the weight of grazing cow! How does he do it? With a lot of hard work and dedication. But even more important, he does it all on a vegan diet. That means his entire diet is plant-based and thus is his protein intake and sources.

So, let’s take a brief look at one of his training sessions for the yolk-walk record. Ready for Vegan Power? 😀

As mentioned before, Patrik holds a couple of incredible records according to Wikipedia:

1999 int. German Champion Jun. Bodybuilding-IFBB

2007 German Champion -105 kg Strongman-GFSA

2009 German Champion -105 kg Strongman-GFSA

2009 German Team-Champion Strongman-GFSA

2009 German Champion log lift -GFSA

2009 World Record log lift -105 kg (165 kg)

2010 German Champion log lift -GFSA

2010 German rekord in log lift +105 kg (180 kg)

2011 4th place at loglifting worldcup (185 kg)

2011 Germany’s Strongest Man

2012 European Champion -140 kg division GPA

2012: World Record beer barrel lift (150,2 kg)

2012: World Record Front Hold 20 kg (1:26,14 Minutes)

2013: World Record Yoke-Walk, 555,2 kg over 10 m in Toronto

If you still can’t believe it … get ready for some Vegan Bad-Ass Training

Log Lifting with 140kg for reps.

After seeing these performances, animal protein intake is obsolete. There has always been a huge discussion on what levels of physical performance are possible  on a plant-based diet with the often proclaimed problems of a “low” protein consumption, especially in Weightlifting and Bodybuilding. However, vegan atheletes like Patrik have over and over debunked the marketing myths of the food industry.

If you know someone who still likes to argue that animal protein is a necessity, how about you ask them to just go vegan until they have reached Patrik’s results ? 😉

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