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We Are Here To Serve

Hello Fellow Soulful Entrepreneurs,

Just because you are soulful doesn’t mean you need to go solo in your business. In fact, I started our Digital Marketing Consultancy and YourFoodIsMedicine because I was feeling so alone in my business. I know I have a mission, a calling, a message that I want to get out to the world. But I was trying to do everything ON MY OWN.

I had no clue about technology, about WordPress, about campaigns, about Facebook marketing, about SEO, etc. But I was determined to learn. In fact, for almost 2 years, I locked myself up to sit in front of the computer to figure out how to make money out of this mysterious thing called the Internet. I became a FULL TIME student. No shopping, no vacation, no luxury, no Holiday, no Christmas, no whining, no complaining. I worked hard consistently and continuously EVERY SINGLE DAY to fight for my freedom and my dreams. ( My BIG dream is to NEVER have to work again for money, but rather for the sake of contribution and fulfillment!)

Fast forward, I now have my own thriving business as a Digital Marketing Strategist and Internet Entrepreneur. I can choose my own clients and say NO to people I don’t resonate with. I choose where I work, how long I work and who I work with. I know I am not just here to make money, but to create wealth that expands me and feeds my soul.

I realized Financial Freedom is not just about having money on your bank account; rather, it is about having the time, space and energy to answer your deepest calling while living an abundant lifestyle.

If you are struggling with your business, I want to help! I want to help you short-cut your learning curve so you can finally stop struggling and start thriving. I struggled for years – actually 10 years to be exact until I finally feel “home”. It’s an amazing feeling to know that you’ve finally “arrived”- not a tangible destination of worldly success, status or power; but rather, a deep sense of inner peace knowing that you are FULLY aligned with what you are meant to do on the planet and knowing you’ve created a solid business to generate income from your calling.

To support you on your journey to success, we provide THREE kinds of FREE or PAID services to our platform experts, according to what you need:

  1. FREE Guest Blogging opportunity: this is perfect for you if you’ve successfully helped people transform their health and you are ready to turn your passion & expertise into income streams. You are committed to helping more people, but have no idea WHERE and HOW to start an online business. Since you just begin, you lack confidence and clarity – confidence that people want what you have and clarity on your message and your audience. If you are still uncertain about your core message, the best way to build confidence and clarity is through serving rather than selling. (At this stage, you probably also don’t have products or services yet) Guest blogging can help you get your message out while inviting immediate audience feedback to help you refine your content and grow your reach.
  2. PAID Expert Promotional + Done-For-You Marketing Services: this is perfect for you if you ALREADY have a business but are either struggling with lack of sales or lack of time. (or maybe both!) At this stage, you already figured out your core message and your target audience. However, you wonder how you can reach more people and scale your business without burning yourself out. You want to build a solid business with automated marketing and sales system so you can generate consistent leads while upgrading your price. Our professional marketing service is more than just helping you with targeted traffic. We also provide a platform where experts can communicate directly with their target audience as well as opportunities to collaborate with other thought leaders in your field. We focus on helping you grow a sustainable online business so you can build a visible brand as a Trusted Authority in your field.
  3. Free Affiliate Partner Promotion: this is perfect for you if you ALREADY have proven-converting affiliate products and are looking for another avenue to promote your program. If you want to reach more people through our platform, feel free to contact us by using our Partner Application. We’d LOVE to have a chat! 

All our free & paid promotional services are ONLY available through referral and application. We stand behind our brand and behind the experts we promote. If you want to submit an article, please Start Guest Blogging Here. If you want to learn more about our Done-For-You service, schedule a Free 1-1 Call with us so we can help you create a customized plan. If you have affiliate programs and are looking for joint-venture partners, please start with a Affiliate Partner Questionnaire. We read and review every single questionnaire and will do our best to get back to you within 5-7 days.

For each option, please make sure you have checked our guidelines before applying.  We are selective with who we partner with and what we promote on our platform. To maintain our integrity, we only offer promotional services (free or paid) to YFIM experts whose mission and philosophy we resonate with. In other words, you can’t buy our services just with money! We read and review every single questionnaire and will do our best to get back to you within 7-10 days. 

Thanks again for staying true to your calling! We look forward to embarking on this amazing journey with you of growth and expansion! 🙂

Sincerely, Lusea

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