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Incredible Nutrient-Dense Kale Smoothie With Hemp Seeds And Avocado

By Lusea Lu / February 27, 2016

Incredible Kale Smoothie Here is a fantastic recipe for a Nutrient-dense Kale-Smoothie enriched with Hemp Seed protein and a big portion of healthy fatty acids. The following recipe makes four 12-ounce servings Here are the ingredients: 4 medium to large kale leaves, roughly chopped or torn (best not to use stems) 4 tablespoons hemp seeds […]


The 5 Most Nutritious Greens

By Lusea Lu / August 9, 2015

Check out the list of the most nutritious greens aside from the all-know superstar Kale: SUPERFOOD #5 Spinach Nutrition Score: 86.43 Spinach is to kale what Michael Jordan is to LeBron James — the once unrivaled king now overshadowed by the hot new thing. But like MJ, spinach has a few more championship rings than […]