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Do You Have Knowledge That Can Change The World ?

If the answer is  a resounding "Yes",  then we are interested in hearing your story!  In today's busy world, clear & untainted knowledge is power!  With the internet, information are shared and spread at the speed of light. With the help of new media and technology, the shift of consciousness is happening globally like wild fire. Main stream media is losing its control over people.  (and they hate it! ha!) We the people now have the power to choose what we put into our minds, from what websites we choose to visit  to what articles we actively share on Social Media with our family and friends. With a click of a mouse, the world's knowledge & connection is truly at our finger tips. 

At YourFoodIsMedicine, we hope to change what people put into their minds so they can change what they put into their mouths. ​

As human beings, we are always searching for answers to live a happier, healthier and more vibrant life. Therefore, we have built YourFoodIsMedicine as a platform to give health experts and health enthusiasts a stage to share their empowering messages, personal transformation, knowledge and expertise.  We want to bring trusted authorities to people who have been seeking natural solutions for their health challenges. In essence, we envision creating a thriving community where people can exchange life-transforming information to help each other heal and thrive.

Before applying as a guest author,  please carefully read the information below and see whether you resonate with our philosophy & approach.  We'd love to have you on board! 🙂

Why Publishing With Us?

Find your audience

1. Find Your Audience and Share Your Voice

With over 25,000 social media followers and growing, Your Food Is Medicine provides rising authors with an amazing platform to share their message and expertise. Your articles will reach thousands of fans who are eagerly searching for health tips and practical advice to improve their health and diet. Inspire others to live a healthier lifestyle by sharing your story and knowledge! You have expertise that the world needs and we want to help you get your message out!

2. Establish Your Thought Leadership and Authority

If you want to establish yourself as an authority in your area of expertise, it’s important you build a genuine relationship with your target audience and those you intend to help. By providing high quality content, you not only demonstrate your credibility but also your sincere desire to serve. As an expert, you have the ability to cut through the clutter and get to the core of the issue. People always appreciate real, solid guidance and build authentic relationships with those they trust. We look for real experts who can provide our audience with actionable, practical, and tangible advice to help people effectively transform their health and diets.

3. Promote Your Products and Services

Contrary to common belief that “you shouldn’t make money for doing good”,  I believe knowledge professionals should be fairly compensated for their expertise and for delivering high quality service that truly makes a difference. Having both our founders as successful internet entrepreneurs, we have the knowledge and expertise of new-media technology and digital marketing.

YourFoodIsMedicine is our first Mission & Passion project where we combine our business skills with our passion for Entrepreneurship as well as Natural Health & Nutrition. We want to introduce and promote authors who can educate and inspire. We also search for high quality online programs that can provide further guidance to add more value to our audience. 

To help our experts master the game of digital marketing, we provide customized marketing solutions, such as consulting, mentoring and done-for-you services to help you build a solid and sustainable online business with confidence and speed. ​

We are selective with who we partner with and what we promote on our platform. To maintain our integrity, we only offer promotional services (free or paid) to YFIM experts whose mission and philosophy we resonate with. In other words, you can't buy our services just with money. If you want us to review your programs or products, please use our Affiliate Partner Questionnaire  to submit your information. We read and review every single questionnaire and will do our bet to get back to you within 5-7 days. 

  • Tips & Guidelines
  • Frequently asked qUESTIONS

1.What’s Your Selection and Publishing Process for Guest Articles?

  • First, please make sure you’ve carefully read our article guidelines and know what we are asking for.
  • Second, please take the application survey where we’ll guide you through a series of questions to get the information necessary for setting up your profile and author box.
  • Third, before you submit your article, please use this checklist to make sure you’ve complied to the guidelines. We will NOT accept an article if you do not follow the rules. This is how we can ensure quality for our audience.
  • Fourth, please send your article(s) along with necessary documents, such as your profile picture, images for your articles, etc. directly to our dedicated inbox: application@yourfoodismedicine.com
  • Fifth, once we’ve approved your article, we’ll published it on our platform. You will also have your author box and social media channels set up underneath your article.
  • Finally, promote your post and watch your share count grow! This is the sweet part after your hard work! Once your post has been published, we highly encourage you to share it via email, social media and your personal website/blog.

Author’s Note: I know we may appear “meticulous” with our requirements. But believe me, when it comes to online, clarity is divinity! You cannot possibly create a sustainable working system if you don’t clearly let people know what are your expectations, standards and boundaries. On the receiving end, people also want to know whether it’s the right opportunity for them with all information, so they can make the best decision for themselves and for their businesses. So better be clear and dry with your words rather than fuzzy and loose.

2. Can I Republish The Article?

Absolutely! If you hope to publish on YourFoodIsMedicine and then republish the same article on other websites, here are the instruction:

  • Include the entire article – start to finish – (All source links and copy as published).
  • Keep the formatting as is with subheadings and bullet points.
  • The beginning of the article must state that this is a republication of an article from YourFoodIsMedicine, and link the name “Your Food Is Medicine” back to the URL of your published article on our site.

3.How Will YourFoodIsMedicine Help Me Grow My Visibility?

We do not pay for guest blogging. Every author is given the opportunity to add their bio, their website link, and multiple social media links. We encourage you to write a good bio and to use all available social media links. Your author box and profile is where you sell yourself. We want to establish an ongoing partnership with you to help you promote yourself, your business, or your cause through your writing.

  • Bio: Please remember to include a short biography (approximately 2-4 sentences long within 60-80 words) — your unqiue author box is what will provide you with exposure and build your profile as a writer.
  • Social Media: we provide linking up to 5 of your Social Media account: such as FB, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Youtube, Reddit, RSS
  • Profile Picture: Your Profile Picture for your Author Box is pulled from your Gravatar account. Your Gravatar is an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog.

4. Why Do You Promote Amazon Products in the Article?

We all know knowledge is power. Yet, we believe real transformation only happens when you act upon what you learn. In other words, implementation is what creates lasting change. Therefore, we offer product choices that can assist and empower that change. For example, a good juicer will not only make your diet-change easier but also help preserve more nutrients in the juicing process. Each product bundle is carefully selected from hundreds if not thousands of products on amazon. We have chosen Amazon as a partner because of its reputation and speed in delivery. To preserve the integrity of each product recommendation, we ask our authors in the questionnaire what are their favorite kitchen tools, equipment and source of inspiration. We want to give our audience the same resources that our experts use to eat cleaner and live healthier.

5. What Kind of Promotional Services Do You Offer?

We provide both FREE and PAID services to our platform experts, according to what you need, how much customized promotion you require (such as a product launch) and where you are on your expert journey.

For more details, sign up for our Author list at the end of this page. We use this email to stay in touch with our authors and experts. YFIM is our first pilot project; we plan to launch more educational platforms in the future to reach more people in other important areas of life. When we look for an expert in a particular area or topic, this community will be the FIRST resource we tap into. As a subscriber, you’ll be receiving updates from YourFoodIsMedicine , free webinar training, as well as exciting opportunities for joint-venture and business promotion.

Start Your Blogging Journey Here 

You have read our guidelines, you are ready to submit your articles​, and you can't wait to get published! Now, let's get you started!

Once you click on the "confirmation link" when you subscribe to our Author List, we'll send you a questionnaire where we guide you through a series of questions to get the necessary information to set up your profile and author box.

You can fill out the survey ANY time at your own convenience.  Just send it back when you are ready to submit your article.  🙂

When you are ready, please send all your documents directly to our dedicated inbox: application@yourfoodismedicine.com

We also provide you with a checklist to make sure you don't miss anything. We will NOT accept an article if your documents are not complete. This is how we ensure both efficiency and quality.

Once your article is approved, we’ll published it on our platform. We will also set up your author box and social media channels to help you attract more followers.

Finally, once your post has been published, we can start promoting and getting your message out to the world! 🙂 

Thanks again for your being a part of our YourFoodIsMedicine family!  We can't wait to read your articles!! 

YES, I Want To Become A Contributor !

This is NOT an email list for Newsletters or YourFoodIsMedicine subsbribers. This list is for experts, authors, thought leaders and Soulful Entrepreneurs who want to use our platform to get their message out to the world. When we look for an expert in a particular area or topic, this community will be the FIRST resource we tap into. As a subscriber, you'll be receiving updates from YourFoodIsMedicine as well as exciting opportunities for joint-venture and business promotion. You'll also have direct email access to me (Lusea Lu) if you need help.

Note: to subscribe, you are not limited to being an expert in the Natural Health & Nutrition arena. In fact, YourFoodIsMedicine is our first pilot project to be the bridge between thought leaders and their audience. We plan to build more educational content platforms in other areas of life to reach more people.  Please DO NOT subscribe if you are not an author or are not looking to contribute to our platform. We want to focus our time on truly serving those who are sincere about growing their business so they get the customized attention they deserve.

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