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Six Life Lessons From Dr Wayne Dyer That Completely Changed My Life

By Ann Stewart / October 15, 2015

Prelude: Dr. Wayne Walter Dyer was an American self-help author and motivational speaker. His first book, Your Erroneous Zones, is one of the best-selling books of all time, with an estimated 35 million copies sold to date. He died on Aug 30th 2015, at the age of 75.

What makes Wayne so special is not only his humor and candidness, but also his ability and sensitivity to transforming people’s lives on the consciousness level. For a lot of people, Dr. Dyer’s work serves as the major turning point of their lives – to pursue their life’s purpose and to be of greater service to humanity.

Today, we ask our guest author and nutrition specialist Ann Stewart how Dr. Dyer has helped her get on her path and started her successful Health Coaching career. Ann has gracefully shared with us the top 6 lessons she learned from Dr. Dyer. To honor our great hero, we encourag you to share in the Comment Section below what YOU have learned from Dr. Dyer and how he has changed YOUR life. We look forward to hearing YOUR story. Namaste. 🙂

Before the teachings of Dr Wayne Dyer came into my life, I lived a life where I was constantly rushing and trying to cram so much in to each day. I would sink into bed at nighttime, exhausted but sleep would allude me as my mind went over the events of the day and anticipated the problems that might eventuate the next day (and of course with an attitude like that, these problems always showed up!!)

Whilst the divine Dr Wayne Dyer left his earthly vessel on the 30th August 2015 just over a week after I had last seen him, his teachings and lessons on life will live forever in the hearts and minds of the countless people he touched. I want to share with you six of the most important lessons that I learned from Wayne and how it changed my life to one of joy and meaning:


There are so many powerful lessons that I learned from Wayne, but perhaps the greatest one was to listen.  To truly listen to a person and not just hear the words that they were saying whilst waiting for a pause to add your own words but to really listen to what was being said and very importantly to listen and watch for the space between the words.

I know that since I truly learned the art of listening to the space between the words, that my relationships became deeper and I connected with loved ones at a level that is pure.  However, it not just with family and friends that this is important, but also with the people you come into contact with in your day-to-day life. Recently, I sat with a homeless man, Shaun and just listened to him tell his story and connected with him. He said to me that having someone give him the time of day and to talk and listen to him, meant more to him than a warm bed and food which is pretty remarkable as they are things he doesn’t have. Shaun said that though he lives on the street and spends every day on a busy major street, that he feels invisible. People don’t look at him and avoid eye contact. I felt so sad hearing those words. Take time, to really listen to people and find out what they are really saying in the space between the words.


2. Wayne Dyer

For many years, I lived with a strong yearning in my heart to do something else than the career I was in. I was a high-school teacher and I loved teaching but felt constrained at times by the ridiculous mandates put on teachers by the government and other authorities.  I felt at times, that I couldn’t be my authentic self.

I was a single mum and so the practical part of me resigned myself to stay in teaching as it is a reliable job with good holidays and it meant that I could be home with my children when they were on holidays. So I soldiered on doing the “responsible” thing, meeting the needs of my children and the countless children I taught over the years.  However, I had a burning desire to try working in the health industry. When I started to talk about it to my family, I was generally met with resistance and disbelief that I would willingly throw away a great job for something completely unknown. My parents and one of my siblings suggested that I would better off waiting for retirement to do the things that I wanted to do!  That was years away and I didn’t want to wait until then.  Wayne, often spoke about the powerful need to live one’s dharma and to be true to one self and so I decided to take the plunge and go into the health industry full-time.  Sure there are days, when the practicalities of a dwindling superannuation fund, no sick or holiday pay, etc become stark realities, but on the whole, each day, I get to play my music and I get to dance to my own tune and I love it.  I feel like I have lost at least ten years of my physical age as I feel so much more youthful and energetic living my purpose.  I encourage you all not to dance to someone else’s tune and to be authentic and to live your passion NOW.  As Wayne said:  “Genuinely feeling successful is possible when you detach yourself from the things you desire and allow them to flow to you AND through you”



I choose to live a life of love and peace for all of humanity. Sometimes, it gets me in trouble when I defend the marginalized in society, but as Wayne said: “Other people’s opinions of you is not your business” so I choose not to care what others think.  Think about the powerful quote above and realize that if we all came from a place of love and acceptance, that there would be no wars, no turmoil destroying this great world that we live in.  There can be no war, where all there is, is divine love. I have someone close to me who I love with all my heart, but for some reason, that person is unable to love unconditionally and has taken to blaming people in his life for where he is. I feel very sad for him because when he leaves this world,he will go with his music still in him.  He is a super-critical person who carries so much anger towards everybody and everything. Any news event will cause him to rant about the injustices in the world and how poorly he is done by, even when it is something that doesn’t affect him directly.

This type of negative thinking is draining and soul-destroying. For a long time, I longed for a relationship with this person as he is a direct family member, but I have come to realize, that all I can do, is love him unconditionally from afar and forgive him for the hurt that he has caused our family and pray that he somehow finds the way to a place of non-judgment and forgiveness. I urge all of you today, to forgive those people in your life who you are harboring a grudge for. It doesn’t matter how justified you think you are, it negates you, not the person who you can’t forgive. The reality is, that non-forgiveness makes you less of a person, so learn to love everybody unconditionally and to let go and in doing so, let God in to your life.

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