9 Awesome Detox Rituals To Start Your Day

By Lusea Lu / February 26, 2016

Your morning detox rituals will set the tone for the day and can make all the difference in how many toxins you’re able to release. Follow as many of these rituals as you can, as many mornings as you can and you’ll start to see life-changing benefits over time. Detox Ritual #1: Wake Up Early […]


Diet Secret To Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Without Medication

By Ann Stewart / October 11, 2015

A Lot Of People Ask Me, ” Ann, Why Are you So Passionate About Helping People Reverse Type 2 Diabetes?”  I got into health and nutrition after treating my own illnesses through changes in my nutrition.  Though I had always followed a healthy diet, there were certain foods that I was eating that were causing […]


Joe Cross Reveals How The Body Reacts To A Juice Cleanse

By Lusea Lu / July 6, 2015

  Joe Cross is the director, star and producer of the documentary “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead”. In this interview, he tells Sonima founder Sonia Jones ( about his first juicing experiences during his movie. Joe also describes the physical and psychological changes he underwent during the fast. Furthermore Joe explains how the body processes […]


Best Secrets for Growing Organic Garden Revealed

By Lusea Lu / July 5, 2015

Buying organic vegetables is great but growing your own is even better! So how do you get started? Check out this short video for the step-to-step guide on getting started. Scott Meyers, the editor of Organic Garden for nearly 20 years, shared his tips on how to get the ball rolling. What do you think […]