Everything You Need To Know On How To Choose Healthy Chocolate

How to Choose Healthy Chocolate

In this video from watchmojo.com, Annick Robinson (Wellness and Fitness Expert) explains how to choose healthy chocolate, how it is made and how you can find the healthiest and most beneficial chocolate products.

Cacao is an old Mayan Superfood that can help to lower your bloodpressure, bad cholesterol, boost your mood and is a natural antidepressant.

For a guilt-free chocolate treat, make sure you find a product that it is not only soy- and gluten-free but also supports fair-trade and organic production standards. Also for a full cacao kick, look for dark chocolate bars with over 70% of cacao. Less sugar, more healthy fats.

Do you have a raw chocolate recipe you love? Share your recipe in the Comment section below to inspire more people. 

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