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Why I Do What I Do – The Story Behind YourFoodIsMedicine

By Lusea Lu / November 7, 2015
Bill Lu

Best Dad Ever

“Why I Do What I Do?”

I believe for any entrepreneur to succeed, “why do I do what I do?” is one of THE MOST important questions you have to answer. (aside from how much time, energy, effort and money you are willing to put into your dreams BEFORE you even see result!) Success is not a smooth ride. Success is not a product you can buy. Wealth is not a result from talking and thinking, but from consistent and relentless actions to make dreams a reality. Business can be rough. Therefore, you better get clear on why you do what you do and what motivates you to keep going when times get tough.

My Story

You see, I am not a nutritionist, a physician, a doctor, a nurse, or anyone that is “entitled” to talk or teach about nutrition. But I am ABSOLUTELY passionate about this topic! I believe enlightened information should be spread and shared to inspire and empower people to change and transform their lives. I was once in a place where I needed the information but I didn’t know where to find it.

In 2006, my Dad was diagnosed with late stage colon cancer. Doctors suggested him to go through Chemo therapy to kill the cancer cells. Like many cancer patients, out of desperation and trust in “authority”, he took the doctors advice. He knew the treatment could weaken his immune system and would destroy his “good” cells while it tried to kill the “bad” ones. However, there were no other alternatives we knew available.

It was painful to see our Dad wither away physically with all the heavy treatments. He tried several Chemos, including the “most expensive” ones. He lost his hair, his weight, his voice, his energy and eventually his life. I couldn’t say that Chemo killed my Dad, but it also didn’t save him. It was clear the traditional chemo therapy didn’t work for him. However, we also had no clue HOW ELSE we could save his life.

Dark Night Of The Soul

Dad 4It was one of the darkest and scariest times for our family, especially for me and my little sister, knowing that we might never see our Dad again yet there’s NOTHING we could do about it. Cancer was a disease that was beyond our comprehension and control. It seemed to have a life of its own and it was spreading over my Dad’s body like wildfire.

Every night, I would cry myself to sleep in bed, praying that tomorrow would not be the last day I could hold my Daddy’s hands and kiss his cheeks. I was missing the past while mourning about the future that I will never have with my Dad.  Memories came back such as when I was a little girl, I would lie on my Dad’s tummy and fell asleep with the rhythm of his breath… I felt so safe and secure in Daddy’s arms… Dreams of the future that will never come true such as having my Dad walking me down the isle and hand my hand to my future life partner…. witnessing the birth of his first grand-child…. or simply stop working so I can finally provide for him as he had done for us…. When I called his cell phone, no one would ever picked up the call on the other end… I would never see him again or hear his laugh.

I think for a lot of family who went through cancer like I did, the fear and sadness of losing our love ones is one of the toughest life lessons we have to learn. How do you let go when you don’t want to? How do you heal the emptiness when the person is gone forever? (At least in this physical realm)

After battling with cancer for 2 years, our Dad died in 2008. I just turned 26 while my little sister was only 19 years old.

p.s This picture was taken 2 months before Dad passed away at a company event. It was his last public appearance. At the time, all his hair had fallen off because of the treatment. But Dad never lost his smile and his optimism towards life. 

Honoring Dad’s Legacy

Dad 3Since my Dad passed away, I’ve been searching for a way to honor his legacy and connect with his spirit. He was a man who was larger than life. A serial entrepreneur and a leader of his community, he changed 16 jobs before he finally built a successful Network Marketing Company with my Mom. My parents were in debt for so many years, but they never gave up on their vision of financial freedom. He was also a philanthropist and meditator, a little Buddha, I called him. He knew life was more than acquiring fame, fortune and status. Life was about giving and loving. Wealth doesn’t come from luck; it comes from hard earnest work that creates value for others.

As I’ve also become an entrepreneur myself and a wife, I now understand the tremendous stress he and my Mom must have experienced when they tried to run a 30,000 member company while battling against cancer in silence so their employees were not affected. I realized success was never random; it comes from a deep commitment to never settle for anything less than living your full potential.

I also realized my Dad never took the time or knew how to take care of his own health and diet. He was just working hard, trying to “make it” while being an incredible father who raised two beautiful daughters and created a company that does good in the world.

Turn Sadness Into Fuel For Change

Dad 2

After 7 years of releasing the loss of my Dad, I decided it was time to turn my sadness into a cause that’s bigger than myself. In July 2015, I found an article that talked about a woman who cured her breast cancer with raw food and ran 366 marathon in a row. I was beyond inspired. I decided to share Janette’s story with more people and that’s how I started my blog and have kept going since.

However, as our platform grows, I see an increasing responsibility for the information I put out there. After all, I am not a doctor, a nutritionist, or a health expert of any fashion. I was just a girl who had a dream to start a business that was both meaningful and profitable. I have to find the REAL experts who can provide credible information to change more lives. Therefore, the real mission of our platform is not only to provide content but to be a bridge between the ones who have the knowledge and those who are desperately seeking for solutions for their health challenges.

p.s This is the last family picture we took on our last family trip in 2005. In 2006, Dad was diagnosed late stage cancer.

The Mission of YourFoodIsMedicine

Find your audienceWe are committed to finding the best experts, authors, coaches, speakers in the Natural Health & Nutrition arena and use our platform to help them share their knowledge, insights and expertise to help transform people’s lives and make a difference.

And yes, we also help these experts make money so they can grow their business to reach and help more people. The matter of fact is, money is not evil and we believe people should be fairly rewarded for the value they created for others. After all, food needs to be paid, kids have to go to school and we all need money to live a certain lifestyle. What we DO make sure is that we only recommend products and services that we have personally investigated and believe in. We are the gate-keeper of quality and integrity, and we take this responsibility seriously.

Shall you be interested in sharing your story or expertise, I encourage you to visit our Writing For Us page and send us your article. We’d love to connect with you and help you get your message out! Shall you have any question about your particular health challenge, drop me a personal mail, I’ll do my best to find you the best experts & solutions!

In any case, type in the comment section below and share with us what YOUR dreams are and WHY you do what you do! I believe the Universe responds when you put your desire & intention our there! 🙂

Until then, take care and let food be thy medicine~



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