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The Unexamined Myth Of Protein Deficiency For Plant-Based Diet

By Lusea Lu / August 5, 2015

Let’s talk about protein!

One of the first things that will likely happen when you first transition to a plant based diet is that your friends and family (and even mere acquaintances) will suddenly talk about nutrition like an expert and challenge you with this common question, ” so where do you get your protein, aka meat, if you only eat fruits and vegetables all day long?”

Well, you might be shocked to realize that even the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) does not believe anyone is in danger of a protein deficiency, including vegans.

Here’s the truth:

Most People Eat Too Much

eating too much

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The fact is, most people are eating far more protein than their body needs. The CDC recommends that people consume between 10 and 35% of your daily caloric needs in healthy forms of protein. For an adult man, that equates to approximately 56 grams of protein, for an average man that means about 46 grams. According to statistic, most people eat 3-4 times more protein than what they are suggested. Truth is, you may be already eating more protein than what you need.

Note: Remember these are just the averaged numbers determined by the CDC.  The amount that is right for you may vary from person to person.

Plants contain all the essential nutrients you need

There is a common and prevailing myth that one must work “hard” to get enough and the “right amounts” of protein if eating a whole food plant based diet. The truth is very few people have ever experienced protein deficiency unless they were also deficient in a huge number of other vital nutrients.

If you simply eat enough plants that make up enough calories to support your body to maintaining a normal weight for you, you’ll get plenty of protein. Plants contain all the essential amino acids needed for building a perfectly healthy human body.

In page 2, we’ll discuss why too much protein can actually cause illness


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