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Shocking truth about bad eating habits. These videos will change your perspective forever.

By Lusea Lu / July 24, 2015

Did you ever wonder why it is so hard to get of bad eating habits?

The answer might be simple. Bad habits are not created overnight and so isn’t obesity.
This video is called “Rewind the Future” from “Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta”will give you the essence in less than 2 minutes.

Do you remember how often you got fastfood, lollipops or an icecream when you cried, had pain or any kind of discomfort as a kid?

Bad eating habits are formed at a very young age and are more related to food addictions than we are commonly aware of. Still most people feel a lot of shame and guilt for being overweight, not understanding that the root of the issue has a long history. Although parents mean well by all means, feeding artficial foods rich in salt, fats, sugar and flavor enhancers to young kids as a compensation, trains their rewarding system in a very unnatural and unbeneficial way. The link made at young age, between physical / emotional discomfort and the quick relief experienced by stimulating the rewarding system in the brain with these “food drugs”, turns into a coping mechanism that kids take into their adulthood. Since the combination of salt, fat and sugar doesn’t occure in nature as it does in fast-food, it activates the rewarding system in a very intense way. Let’s call it a food-ecstasy or brain-buzz. It works like a drug and the food industry is well aware of it. A lot of the cravings and emotional instability comes from experiencing some kind of subtile lack of the right nutrients, while overeating on the wrong ingredients can produce even more discomfort that demands more of the drug. An endless cycle most people can’t break because of the lack of awareness.

Luckily bad eating habits can be reversed. But to put it in clear words: It takes some efforts to rewire the brain and doesn’t happen over night. Habits formed over 20 years can’t be undone in a day. What it needs is the consistent experience of new behavioral patterns and sustained supply of micro-nutrients. Eliminating all kinds of artificial foods with refined sugars and MSG (Mono-Sodium Glutamate) is the first step. Then start to introduce a raw nutrient-rich plant-based meals into the diet. Usually it takes around 7 to 10 days to get rid of the initial cravings and to refill all vital nutrient deposits.  Fresh green vegetable juices and unprocessed / uncooked food are most preferable during the initial phase.

Instead of eating two giant pizzas to experience fulfillment, an average bowl of salad will provide a more sustainable satisfaction while providing long-term health benefits.

If you have kids you need to break the bad eating habits now, before they turn into a severe problems. Think about the fact that these poor eating choices are passed on from generations to generation. Taking more time to prepare proper meals than getting the quick fix in a drive-in fast-food restaurant will provide the right priority and mindset for your kids and their kids. Get informed. If you still haven’t seen them … watch the following documentaries preferably with your kids 😀

“Super Size Me”

“Food matters” and

“Hungry for change”

The first step to change is awareness. Please share this article to end the obesity drama and help people to understand the real cause of this mess.

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