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Incredible Nutrient-Dense Kale Smoothie With Hemp Seeds And Avocado

By Lusea Lu / February 27, 2016

Incredible Kale Smoothie Here is a fantastic recipe for a Nutrient-dense Kale-Smoothie enriched with Hemp Seed protein and a big portion of healthy fatty acids. The following recipe makes four 12-ounce servings Here are the ingredients: 4 medium to large kale leaves, roughly chopped or torn (best not to use stems) 4 tablespoons hemp seeds […]


Refreshing Blueberry Smoothie with Manuka Honey

By Lusea Lu / February 26, 2016

Check out this refreshing,  Blueberry Smoothie filled with superhealthy antioxidants and rich in nutrients. Light and low in fat, especially awesome on hot days. Ingredients 200g frozen blueberries 100g frozen raspberries 4 plums 50 ml Pomegranate Juice 300 ml coconut water 1-2 teaspoon of manuka honey 1/8 tsp vanilla powder 1/8 tsp cinnamon powder Enjoy […]


Amazing Mango-Peach-Smoothie

By Lusea Lu / February 15, 2016

Here is another super delicious & refreshing Mango-Peach-Smoothie recipe that brings a little holiday feeling to your home. Ingredients: 2 Big Ripe Mangos 2 Peaches 300 ml Coconut Milk 100 ml of Apple Juice Agave Syrup or Coconut Sugar Some Ice Cubes Check out the tutorial below to speedup the ripening process of mangos in […]


5 Minute Turmeric Recipe to Launch Your Perfect Day

By Ann Stewart / October 18, 2015

THIS SURPRISING MAGIC HERB SHOULD BE PART OF YOUR DAILY HEALTH ROUTINE Turmeric!  God’s pharmacy is potent and full of herbs and spices that can be used not just to flavour our food but also to enhance our health. It’s been around for thousands of years and has a long medicinal history in India as […]


PAD THAI – Low Fat, Raw Vegan Recipe

By Lusea Lu / July 9, 2015

Wanna Try A Gluten Free, Animal Free, Healthy and Yummy Raw Vegan Phai Thai? Check Out This Recipe Below. Watch the video and share your thoughts Here’s a quick capture of the ingredients: PROCESS INGREDIENTS: For noodles: You can use a spiralizer and if you don’t have one a peeler. Daikon- a type of radish that is […]