Diet Secret To Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Without Medication

By Ann Stewart / October 11, 2015

A Lot Of People Ask Me, ” Ann, Why Are you So Passionate About Helping People Reverse Type 2 Diabetes?” 

I got into health and nutrition after treating my own illnesses through changes in my nutrition.  Though I had always followed a healthy diet, there were certain foods that I was eating that were causing major health problems and when I eliminated those foods, my long-term illnesses such as arthritis, fibromyalgia and asthma went away.  You can read my story here:

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The reversal of these illnesses by simply changing my diet was nothing short of amazing and so I wanted to know more and thus started to study heath and nutrition as well as doing many personal development courses along the way. One of the reasons I was so passionate about wanting to know more about health and nutrition, was that I wanted to help my own father who had suffered from Type 2 Diabetes from the time he was in his late thirties.  Type 2 Diabetes which is on the increase in all western societies and accounts for approximately 85 – 90% of all diagnosed diabetes cases,  occurs when the pancreas produces insulin which goes unrecognised by the body. It also occurs when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin  (Reduced Insulin Production) or when the insulin does not work effectively in the body (Insulin Resistance).  Many people mistakenly think that Diabetes is a disease of the blood but it is in fact a disorder of insulin and leptin signaling that evolves over a long period of time from Prediabetic to Type 2 Diabetes.

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By the time that I got into health and nutrition, my father’s health had severely declined but I believed that I could help him reverse his Diabetes by changing his diet and lifestyle. I had watched firsthand how the medication for Type 2 Diabetes had wrecked my father’s life.  As I write this, my father weighs 56kg!  Now some of you might say, wow, you wouldn’t mind being 56kg but my father is well over six feet tall!  So you can see, this is not a healthy weight.  Sadly the medication that he has been put on to control his diabetes has affected so many other essential organs in his body and I cry with frustration, that he didn’t have a loving and helpful medical practitioner who said to him initially, “Hey, let’s look at your diet and lifestyle and see what we can do to reverse this?”  If they had, my Dad would be the loving and dynamite man who I remember from my youth and not the frail, anxious man he has now become who has early stage dementia.

Sadly my father bought into the myth that Type 2 Diabetes can not be reversed and thus went along with his Doctor’s recommendations which basically where to take his medication and when he did overindulge in foods that sent his blood sugar levels spiking, that he should double-up on medication!!!  Whilst I have successfully reversed Type 2 Diabetes or dramatically reduced their medication in all clients who have seen me for this preventable and treatable condition, I have sadly been unable to help my father as he only trusts mainstream doctors and believes that if the role of diet was so important, that his doctors would have told him this in the first place!  Mind you, last time he was in hospital and the nurse took a reading and found his blood sugar levels were 19.8, she returned ten minutes later with both a bottle of orange juice and a cheese sandwich made on white processed bread. When I tried to tell the nurse that my Dad couldn’t have either of them, her response was that it was alright as the orange contained no added sugar! She obviously doesn’t understand that fructose is a type of sugar and one of the driving forces behind the spike in diabetes and that fructose leads to insulin resistance, increases uric acid which causes inflammation, kidney disease, metabolic syndrome and a fatty liver Needless to say, my Dad drank the orange juice and ate the sandwich because he believed the nurse.

What if we were to turn the current model for treating Type 2 Diabetes on its head and seriously looked at the role of nutrition and lifestyle in managing it?  What if medication was a last resort?  Wow, wouldn’t that be wonderful!  When I look at so many “official” websites on the management and treatment of Type 2 Diabetes, they all perpetuate the myth that it can’t be reversed.  Well, how can I have clients who have made the decision to completely quit their medication because they no longer have any of the symptoms of the disorder by simply changing their diet and addressing some lifestyle issues?  Those clients who haven’t yet quit their medication, have significantly reduced their medication under medical supervision and even had their doctors tell them that whatever they are doing, to keep doing because it is working! I even had one client who came to me six months ago in desperation as she had been told that particular day that she had to go on Insulin injections as she was not managing her Type 2 Diabetes with the medication. Not only did she not go on Insulin, she has reduced her medication to a third, lost significant weight and stopped her gout medication all through diet and lifestyle changes!

The treatment of managing and reversing Diabetes Type 2 depends on each individual and there is no one plan that will suit everyone. But simply put, people with this preventable and reversible disorder, need to eat a diet that is based on whole foods with approximately 70% of their food intake coming from vegetables, 20% from good quality proteins such as seeds, nuts, fish and lean meats and 10% from good quality fats such as avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, macadamia oil and hemp seed oil.

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If you want to know more about how I can help you reverse your Diabetes Type 2, then please head over here

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