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Can The Impossible Veggie Burger Make A Meat-Free World Possible?

By Lusea Lu / September 12, 2015
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The CEO Patrick O. Brown, a Stanford University biologist and physician, founded Impossible Foods because he knew that people would never give up the foods they love until new choices were even more delicious and satisfying. The team has grown to more than 50 scientists, chefs, farmers, and engineers driven to make the best meats and cheeses you’ll ever eat — all from plants.

Dr. Patrick O. Brown is not only interested in producing a new veggie burger, but he wants to replace animal meat products with healthy plant-based options. Not only will the veggie burger satisfies the taste and pleasure of meat lovers, it will help eliminate animal cruelty as well as environmental waste as conventional factory farming is one of the biggest water consumers on the planet while producing heavy amounts of carbon dioxide and methan emissions.


But there is more to it: Factory Farming involves a variety of different antibiotics, hormones and other poisonous substances such Arsenic that can enter unfiltered the human food chain through the final product or through the ground water. If you take a look at the documentary “A river of waste”, you can see the horrendous damage done to the environment and the human popluation by the spraying the waste-water-arsenic mixture over fields close to communities. In short, the cancer rates increased dramatically due to severe drinking water polution.

Global Demand For MeatImage Source via CNBC

Below, the trailer of “A River of Waste” is another worth watching documentary on this topic

“Food Inc.

Taking a clear and objective look at the documentaries and the facts. Factory farming is a key factor in environmental pollution and a major health risk. It is an industry that has been heavily cultivated in the last 200 years and involves a lot of lobbyism, strong financial interests, shady marketing and unethical business practice. Vegan, Vegetarian, Flexitarian or what ever, main-stream media still upholds the protein myth, deficiencies, a quiet judgemental position against a fully plant-based lifestyle involving all kinds of outdated believes, supported by industry propaganda and tons of money.

It is proven that the consumption of red meat is responsible for cardio vascular diseases and cancer including a higher mortality rate as seen in the EPIC Study (Meat consumption and mortality – results from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition). The new create products of Impossible Foods  can even take on that challenge by creating a toxin-, antibiotics- and hormone-free meat replacement that doesen’t even contain cholesterol. On top of this, it can be enriched with healthy omega-3 fats, fibers and all the other inflammatory ingredients. Wow, a healthy burger?! That’s sounds like there is a lot of potential, … especially once Fast Food Companies join the boat.

All in all the inventions and ideas of Impossible Foods have opened new doorways and conquered a huge challenge with an “out-of-the-box” solution. While meat moguls will keep arguing on behalf of their current business, vegan extrememist might argue against the necessity for plant-based products that tastes like animals, but at the end of the day Impossible Foods offers a possible transition option from a meat-based diet to more plan-based diet.

Considering the potential impact of this product on the global market, on animal lifestyle, environmental pollution and the human health…. this project clearly ROCKS!!! We are looking forward to 2016 when the first impossible cheese burgers hit the market. Stay tuned and share this great news. 😀

Image Source: Impossible Foods

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About Lusea Lu

Lusea Lu is an international speaker, internet entrepreneur and the Co-Founder of Your Food Is Medicine. She is passionate about health, nutrition, personal development and entrepreneurship. Having lost her Dad to colon cancer, she is committed to finding natural alternatives to healing diseases. Her mission is to help alternative health professionals get their message and service out to the world so more people can learn about health, nutrition and wellness the natural way.
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